Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Get biteSMS app for free

Its simple to get biteSMS app for free. biteSMS is cracked by SiNfuL iPhone.


Imagine you're browsing the Internet and an SMS comes in. With Quick Reply there's no need to quit Safari, just reply straight away, or leave it and deal with it later from the Quick List.

Works in any app, not just Safari. The color of the Send button shows you how you'll be sending it: pink via biteSMS and blue via Carrier. You can switch by holding down the Send button for a few seconds.
Quick Reply works in landscape too:

And, it works in the lock screen too!
On the lock screen, the pink biteSMS icon is added when a summary appears:

more features click here

How to install it for free

Go to Cydia>>Manage>>Sources>>Edit>>Add

Add this source

Ignore any warnings .then open the pakage here you find biteSMS cracked.


  1. works perfectly. thanks

  2. Great! thank you!
    regards from israel...

    1. are you sure its free and it wont get me in trouble since the warning makes me think that im taking a risk .

  3. still work 2012 ! AMAZING