Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Digg’s Digs

Today I finally had a chance to visit digg, whose headquarters, like Laughing Squid, are also located in the Potrero Hill neighborhood of San Francisco. Eddie Codel and I stopped by digg’s digs and met with Kevin RoseDaniel Burka and Timeless. Leah Culver was there as well and six of us took a walk in the rain to get some lunch atAxis Cafe. After lunch they gave us a tour of their offices, where we saw the new space that they are expanding into, as well as their building’s rooftop with great views of downtown San Francisco.

Oh and I think Kevin has problems with sweaty poodles.

Here are a few photos I shot from our visit.

UPDATE 1: The illustration of Alex and Kevin is a modified version of the one created by Landon Nordby for a Diggnation sci-fi graphic novel being produced by Jay Santos. Heres more info.

UPDATE 2: The digg hoodie that Daniel is wearing is available through J!NX along with a bunch of other great digg stuff.

UPDATE 3: Valleywag’s Nick Douglas (yeah, he still writes for them) investigates“What’s On Kevin Rose’s Desk: Insider’s Edition” with an annotated version of my photo of Kevin at his desk. Of course Nick’s write-up has been submitted to digg, so now we have a super-meta double digg of digg’s digs.

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