Monday, August 11, 2008

Is iPhone’s 3G Connection a Disappointment?

nullNow that I’ve been using the new iPhone 3G for nearly a month, its capabilities and deficiencies are becoming clearer. The newer design makes it sleeker, easier to grip and a joy to look at. And the GPS chip has made the device infinitely useful, though it doesn’t appear that the developer community has started to leverage the technology very effectively.

What’s bad about it? There are a few things (the battery, for instance), but nothing compares to the disappointing 3G wireless connections from AT&T. As I pointed out earlier, there were some issues with AT&T 3G network, though company officials vociferously denied that was the case.

Thirty days later, I can safely say that there are definitely problems with the connection. The speeds are marginally better than the old EDGE network, and videos on apps like MLB At Bat are of poor quality. The signal strength rarely exceeds two bars in most places (except my living room, where it’s at full strength.)

I’m not sure if this is a Bay Area problem or a nationwide problem, nor do I know the cause — the network or the iPhone. One thing is for sure, the new device is pushing Internet data usage and revenues for AT&T in a big way. What is your experience? Share it with rest of us.

CNet reports that there have been widespread complaints but that AT&T isn’t making any statements just yet. “What we’re seeing is that the iPhone 3G is performing very well,” Mark Siegel, a spokesman for AT&T, told “I’m not denying that people are having problems. But we have to deal with these on a case-by-case basis.”

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  1. Its a phone, your review on the G3 differences said nothing about dropped calls making calls and texting, i have many friends that cannot get good video connections on there pcs so a complaint about poor video optimization and bars outside is lame.
    Its a new technology, how good is the experience with wifi or full edge signal vs full G3. So what your saying is as expected in the USA - even before the g3 came out - ATT has not rolled it out wide and fast enough.
    The APPLE IPHONES G3 connection is fine and not a disappointment.

    It should be Cause ATT sucks